Sunday, 27 November 2011

Droitwich Show and Dolls for Etsy

Last Sunday was the day for the new Warners fare at Chateau Impney in Droitwich. It was a well attended show, but a little quiet on the sales front. I covered my costs and really enjoyed myself.

It was good for me to go to the show as I have become a bit of a recluse of late and still dont really feel like my self but they say time is a good healer.

Here are some of my new dolls which will go in my Etsy shop soon, well as soon as I can get the images sorted etc.

You will notice that there is a pumpkin pram, its an ORIGINAL design by me, it was inspired by a pumpkin, hence its pumpkin shape. Its got wheels because it is of course a pram and prams have wheels. Its got nothing to do with cinderella.

The witch, well shes is saying mess with my pram and you mess with me LOL.

Witchy with a crow made by moi....

Witchy on her own .....

Mad Scientist....

Cleaning lady,

Crone with a chair...

Wizard with wand...

I will be making some brooches soon too.


Debie xxx

Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Work, Old Work, New Workroom...

Ahah my friends once again a very long time has elapsed between blog posts.  There has been a huge storm raging (metaphorically speaking) and now for a while we have calm. Lessons have been learnt and I have learnt the true meaning of the phrase 'no good deed goes unpunished'.  Cryptic? Yes but necessary.

So I now have a new workroom, I have less distractions to take up my time and I can focus on the good stuff.

New workroom its cosy, warm and there is no dog leaving his hair on my work LOL

New witchy, new wizard, some bad pics yes but the light is bad today, thats my excuse LOL

Years ago I was heavily into American Arts and Crafts and used to make these guys amongst other things.  Hes a lightbulb LOL

Another phase, Gimlins, theres a story to go with them and everything LOL It was another fad. This is an Ice Gimlin. I stopped making them because people find them creepy....

Elven Rider and a customised brayer.  I wigged the horse and did a bit of a repaint, I used viscose, and I set this horse on fire several times getting rid of stray hair.  Never get a naked flame too close to viscose because it goes poof very quickly.  I only use fine mohair now or alpaca.  I never use Tibetain mohair for ethical reasons and I dont like the fact that it comes on the hide.

Voldy still isnt dress, other stuff lies unfinished, I will do them when I get the urge. Right now  I need to carry on with my sculpting because I have got slow and rusty.

Tummy bubble time.......

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Dinner Nagini...

Well, I am slowly getting back into the sculpting saddle and thought I would show you how I start a head.  There is much scraping, smoothing, cleaning and filling in to do.

Voldemort, I made  him once before ages ago and decided to give him another go. I love Ralph Feinnes (sp) hes once of my fav actors.  I love Volemort  he has got to be one of the best bad guys ever. 

Heads like this take time, two to three days doing a little bit here and there. Its helpful to to a bit stand back and then do a bit more. 

My fingers have been very sore for a few months due to a reaction to something that caused my skin to peel hence my long absence.

I have ordered some silk for his robes which I feel need to be like a Kimono.  He will probably take a while longer to complete.  I want to get him right.

I have got lots to do and lots to finish off and now I have broken up for the holidays I hope to do so.

I have got some other Harry Potter characters coming I am just waiting for bits and pieces for them.

Lorra Luffies

Debie xxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane....

Firstly, warmest of welcomes to my new followers.  I know I have been quiet for a while. Life has been ooober busy and I am now finally finding some time to go into my workroom.  

A long time ago I made Potion Corner for my Wizards and Mad Scientists as a prop. I have been looking at it for a while and wondering who could take residence for a while, soon Cornelius Cricklebank brother of Abanathy who left a while ago.  He will make his appearance on Sunday fully finished (his head is shown above.

Ahhhh blasts from the past, brooches based on Brian Frouds work all gone many moons ago but I still have fond memories of them, Bynd, Tyg, Hap and many others. I will make more of them one day.

 I also have a love of textiles and I love vintage lace, below is a piece from my collection along with my pin pot and pin cushion... it used to be a salt cellar.
 Another little creation, vintage lens (I have a few), old keys (I have a few more of these) and an image taken from my vintage postcard collection.

 A little house non opening that I made from a kit, one day it will be a prop for my Wickle Witches.
 Ahhhh and toes, I have been making toes, there is something very theraputic about them LOL.

I have been making potion boards, new bottles and mushrooms.  Lots of goodies but I am not showing them just yet.  Not doing it to be mean, just being careful.

School finishes in two and half weeks for the summer, then its six glorious weeks of head down and making.

Lorra Luffies

Debie xxxxxxxx

Friday, 13 May 2011

Back to the Piskies.....

I belive in the fae, elementatls and all sorts of other worldly elementatls.  A long time ago I orginally started sculpting because I wanted to make these wee beings the way I belived they might look.  Avid Froud fan that I am I took the block of puppen fimo that I had stashed for 2 years and made a head. That first head took me about six hours. Before I started to make dolls I made brooches and heads, lots and lots of heads. 

I have been itching for a long time to get back to my roots and make some of these little guys again.  Its been fun. I have enjoyed making them.  Here come the Goblins....

But wait!!!! Who do we have here? Grand Father Autumn hes been wating for me to find my Angie Scarr leaves LOL they were in a safe place, thence my not being able to find them.

Welcome to my new followers and I see I have hit the 300 mark. I do feel guilty though I do really regret deleting most of my blog but I promise over the next few months I will be writing more.  I have ideas in abundance and I feel much more creative.

In 10 weeks I break up for the school holidays so then I can really get my teeth stuck into my sculpts.

Thank to you all for keeping the faith.........

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Granny Botilinus and Co (again LOL)

Fingers crossed my pics show up this time. I have tried really hard with them I know I am not the best photographer but I am starting to think its my new camera.

 Granny Botilinus with her mushrooms. She is a mushroom growing expert, shes not fussy either as you can see her chair is her potting surface.

 The mushrooms in her hair are rare, you only find them growing in Mountain Trolls ears and then only if the troll is over a 100 years old.

 The pots of mushrooms are not fixed and can be taken off the chair.  I dug out Witchy Cottage Corner for these pics. Its been a long time since I used it and as I originally made the corners for props to photograph my dolls in I guess it makes sense to use them.

 Granny Stonewald shes tough, shes mean and she wont laugh at your knock knock jokes either...

 I really need to get gang in my Etsy shop they watch me while I work its a little disconcerning LOL

I brought this gal from Shiela Bently before Christmas (Prim Dolly) isnt she awesome?  She is a really talented lady. She was the only one with grey hair.

Another present for moi. Braken came from Sleeping Elf, I have covered his doo dahs with his hands LOL. I will dress and wig him when the time is right.

 This new guy is a new wizard, hes getting dressed right now.

Finally a new Wickle Witch. 
I am hanging in there by my finger tips and slowly, ever so slowly pulling myself up.

Square Peg .............Round Hole

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Remus, Sirius My Friends.....

Firstly I want to thank my friends who have been supportive over the last few days. I did have every itention of pulling the plug totally, till a few of my friends gave me a good talking to.  This is a new start now and I have every intention of pushing my artistic creativitiy to its limits and showcasing my efforts here.

Secondly, I had to have a go at this chap he was in my head for ages. Its my interpretation of Wormtail.

He has got his bald spot its just that its on the top of his head and not showing.  All his clothes are handstitched and distressed to like he has been living like a rat for years. 

Secondly the new AIM magazine is out now and fabulous go check it out.

I will be back hopefully by the weekend I have a lot to show you.

Lorra Luffies

Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx