Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Granny Botilinus and Co (again LOL)

Fingers crossed my pics show up this time. I have tried really hard with them I know I am not the best photographer but I am starting to think its my new camera.

 Granny Botilinus with her mushrooms. She is a mushroom growing expert, shes not fussy either as you can see her chair is her potting surface.

 The mushrooms in her hair are rare, you only find them growing in Mountain Trolls ears and then only if the troll is over a 100 years old.

 The pots of mushrooms are not fixed and can be taken off the chair.  I dug out Witchy Cottage Corner for these pics. Its been a long time since I used it and as I originally made the corners for props to photograph my dolls in I guess it makes sense to use them.

 Granny Stonewald shes tough, shes mean and she wont laugh at your knock knock jokes either...

 I really need to get gang in my Etsy shop they watch me while I work its a little disconcerning LOL

I brought this gal from Shiela Bently before Christmas (Prim Dolly) isnt she awesome?  She is a really talented lady. She was the only one with grey hair.

Another present for moi. Braken came from Sleeping Elf, I have covered his doo dahs with his hands LOL. I will dress and wig him when the time is right.

 This new guy is a new wizard, hes getting dressed right now.

Finally a new Wickle Witch. 
I am hanging in there by my finger tips and slowly, ever so slowly pulling myself up.

Square Peg .............Round Hole


Julie said...

From one square peg to another.....keep on hanging on in there and keep creating....really loving your new work and already want more :)x

Janice said...

I love all the different types of mushrooms Debie. Such a selection!!

Some wonderful work here, you have obviously been enjoying yourself.

Lucky you to own a piece of Sarah Bentley. I absolutely lust over her work and intend to own one of her dolls one day.

Cameron said...

Oooo, I enjoyed all these pictures....that cottage as a backdrop is just perfect!

That elf and witch are wonderful finds...but I absolutely love your Granny Botilinus! I have a "thing" for fungi...haha!

Michelle said...

I have been 'trying' to read this post for a while! lol Gosh you have been busy and I love the fact you are making a wizard!! YAY! lol

I love Carrie's (I am scheduled for a commission from her - 1/12th scale though) and Sheila's work! I knew without reading who made them, VERY lucky indeedy.

Michelle xxx

Robin said...

Awesome girl!!! Fabulous sculpts - great camera-work. Just keep it up - you can't go wrong with work of this abillity.

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Excellent work Debs. I just love the mushrooms growing in granny's hair :) I am so glad you are creating your amazing dolls again.

Victoria xxx

Tabitha Corsica said...

Finally... I can see pictures! Your elderly gals are fabulous! Anxious to see the Wizard and your wickle witch (I really need one of those!)

OMG! You have a Prim Dolly! Such great expressions. Love those witches but I always seem to be outbid when they go on Ebay. Grrr...snipers.

Jean Day said...

You accomplish so much, fabulous!! Mini Hugs, Jean

moti said...

Excellent!!!!!!!!!!, great expressions!!!!
regards from Spain

The Old Maid said...

Absolutely fab gang you have on your desk Debie! They all will be fast sold when pu on Etsy:)
And Braken is so cute!I love BJDolls and it is quite possible he will be next on my wish list;D Hope to see your Braken dressed and wigged soon:)

Mags Cassidy said...

Fabulous work, Debie.
More, more, more!!!!

Wendie said...

Oooo you have been a busy girl kins :D I luffs them both, the shrooms are great but I especially luffs Granny Stonewalds expression, she looks so serious that the naughty me cant help but just grin back at her :o)
& pfft at the 'square peg, round hole'... looks like you got a perfect fit with the sculpting x

joy said...

They are all fantastic Debie. You just get better and better ♥ xxxxxxxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

FABULOUS!! granny Stonewold is my fav with those baggy saggy joules, he he,WHAT a character and a half! Keep em coming! Kate xxx

Mary Owen said...

Your work has been such an encouragement and inspiration to me. I hope you can continue to do this wonderful art if it brings you the joy it (your art) has brought me.

Mary Williams said...

I love their faces Debie, they're brilliant

Flora said...

Love your attention to detail!!!

Debie Lyons said...

Thank you all so much xxx