Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Work, Old Work, New Workroom...

Ahah my friends once again a very long time has elapsed between blog posts.  There has been a huge storm raging (metaphorically speaking) and now for a while we have calm. Lessons have been learnt and I have learnt the true meaning of the phrase 'no good deed goes unpunished'.  Cryptic? Yes but necessary.

So I now have a new workroom, I have less distractions to take up my time and I can focus on the good stuff.

New workroom its cosy, warm and there is no dog leaving his hair on my work LOL

New witchy, new wizard, some bad pics yes but the light is bad today, thats my excuse LOL

Years ago I was heavily into American Arts and Crafts and used to make these guys amongst other things.  Hes a lightbulb LOL

Another phase, Gimlins, theres a story to go with them and everything LOL It was another fad. This is an Ice Gimlin. I stopped making them because people find them creepy....

Elven Rider and a customised brayer.  I wigged the horse and did a bit of a repaint, I used viscose, and I set this horse on fire several times getting rid of stray hair.  Never get a naked flame too close to viscose because it goes poof very quickly.  I only use fine mohair now or alpaca.  I never use Tibetain mohair for ethical reasons and I dont like the fact that it comes on the hide.

Voldy still isnt dress, other stuff lies unfinished, I will do them when I get the urge. Right now  I need to carry on with my sculpting because I have got slow and rusty.

Tummy bubble time.......