Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Granny Botilinus and Co (again LOL)

Fingers crossed my pics show up this time. I have tried really hard with them I know I am not the best photographer but I am starting to think its my new camera.

 Granny Botilinus with her mushrooms. She is a mushroom growing expert, shes not fussy either as you can see her chair is her potting surface.

 The mushrooms in her hair are rare, you only find them growing in Mountain Trolls ears and then only if the troll is over a 100 years old.

 The pots of mushrooms are not fixed and can be taken off the chair.  I dug out Witchy Cottage Corner for these pics. Its been a long time since I used it and as I originally made the corners for props to photograph my dolls in I guess it makes sense to use them.

 Granny Stonewald shes tough, shes mean and she wont laugh at your knock knock jokes either...

 I really need to get gang in my Etsy shop they watch me while I work its a little disconcerning LOL

I brought this gal from Shiela Bently before Christmas (Prim Dolly) isnt she awesome?  She is a really talented lady. She was the only one with grey hair.

Another present for moi. Braken came from Sleeping Elf, I have covered his doo dahs with his hands LOL. I will dress and wig him when the time is right.

 This new guy is a new wizard, hes getting dressed right now.

Finally a new Wickle Witch. 
I am hanging in there by my finger tips and slowly, ever so slowly pulling myself up.

Square Peg .............Round Hole