Monday, 4 June 2012

Fairy Pendants and Goblin Brooche

Its been a long time since I made some of these and they are better than the ones I made before.  Despite running down Cernit, I seem to been sculpting with it more.  I like the translucency of the clay and its tones.

The pendants are mounted on vintage optical lenses, I was lucky about 7 years ago to buy a box with a few in and I still have some left.

I am at the moment in touch with my fantasy roots, which, is where I started.  I have had a good think and whilst I enjoy the miniatures I am going to make some larger pieces.

I loved making Baba Yaga and recently took her into school to show the students, I got a good response from them.  a)  Miss you never made that and b)  Miss thats scarey LOL.  They were secondary school kids and not pre-school.

I have been working on a project for Dolls House and Miniature Scene, which has taken ages to do and its for one of their project booklets.  Its a Wizards house, its made from foam board and all sorts of other stuff.  This will be out of the way by tomorrow and then I will hopefully get some scupting done while I am off for the holiday.

The one thing I have decided to do is go with the flow more and say less about future stuff because I change my mind and then things dont materialise.  I have a low boredom level.

Debie xxxxxx


Dessa Rae said...

What an adorable idea!! I love them!! You remind me of myself...I always blog of thing to come in the future and then I change my mind (every two seconds) and it never gets done. Then I wonder what people think when it doesn't appear on my
Take care,
Dessa Rae

Kat Hazelton said...

I love the Goblins in the bottom photos totally cool!