Sunday 26 October 2014

New work....

Hi, I have been away for a while but I am still creating. Here is some of my new work that is also available in my Etsy shop.

Thank you for looking x

Sunday 19 January 2014

Little Moth and Friends.....

Still Sculpting....

Little Moth

I have listed these beauties in my Etsy shop.

Sunday 24 November 2013

Elf on a flying pumpkin.......What else? LOL

I have been making and tinkering for a while now but just have not had the time to take pics etc. This guy is inspired by Jean Baptiste Monge.

Vlad 1/12th scale bust.

Mushroom Table 1/12th...

Finally, Shroom Wall LOL

Sunday 23 June 2013

Never more......

I love a bit of Edgar Alan Poe, I also love crows and corvids so it made sense to have a little go a making him.

Just because I am quiet it doesn't mean to say I am not busy, I am always, busy...

Here is Izolde she is getting ready to go and deliver potions, a little wickle witch, its been a long time.

Also if you leave the door and windows open you get more than flies coming in .....

Off to look under the beds LOL

Sunday 24 March 2013

Well its been a long time (again)...

Its been a long time since I last posted.  Time is a good healer and the last 18 months have been hard ones. However, I am now more positive and able to make again.

This is Flo she is a 1/12th scale minature witch.
Maude and her Mandrake potting table.

A troll inspired by Brian Froud's new troll book.  I will be making more of these guys, he is about 8 inches tall.

A troll pin.

My butterfly wall in my living room.....

I like making things and being able to jump around from media to media depending on my mood with no restrictions. 

Stamped tile coasters.


Monday 4 June 2012

Fairy Pendants and Goblin Brooche

Its been a long time since I made some of these and they are better than the ones I made before.  Despite running down Cernit, I seem to been sculpting with it more.  I like the translucency of the clay and its tones.

The pendants are mounted on vintage optical lenses, I was lucky about 7 years ago to buy a box with a few in and I still have some left.

I am at the moment in touch with my fantasy roots, which, is where I started.  I have had a good think and whilst I enjoy the miniatures I am going to make some larger pieces.

I loved making Baba Yaga and recently took her into school to show the students, I got a good response from them.  a)  Miss you never made that and b)  Miss thats scarey LOL.  They were secondary school kids and not pre-school.

I have been working on a project for Dolls House and Miniature Scene, which has taken ages to do and its for one of their project booklets.  Its a Wizards house, its made from foam board and all sorts of other stuff.  This will be out of the way by tomorrow and then I will hopefully get some scupting done while I am off for the holiday.

The one thing I have decided to do is go with the flow more and say less about future stuff because I change my mind and then things dont materialise.  I have a low boredom level.

Debie xxxxxx

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Baba Yaga Bust, warning this is not a Miniaure.. LOL

I know I mainly make miniatures but I sometimes forget that I like making other things too.  I had a block of cernit that I didnt get on with so I made an armature from silver foil and paper and cracked on with this.

I dont really like cernit, its sticky and hasnt got the movement in it that I like but it does hold its shape and I really like the way the clay fires and takes colour.  I think its better for larger pieces rather than small ones.

She went together like a dream no fuss, no fighting either LOL

Her hair is combed out fleece with conditioner left in to make it look greasy.  I have a large bag of this stuff but I have to comb out the locks with detangler before I can use it.

Vintage Victorian button and antique lace.

Teeth and a hairy wart.

Hand in situ to give an indication of size.  The bowl you can see was one of  hundreds that I made at university when doing my degree.

 A shot of our newly decorated bedroom. The chest has lots of printing blocks in it.

A little distressed bell ornament I brought on holiday and a ragdoll fairy I made years ago.

A new enamel shabby candle holder with lavender sitting on vintage/antique lace.

My victorian flat iron and a bunch of faux keys.

The glass soda syphon my Dad dug up out of a garden years ago. My old singer sewing maching and a reproduction Victorian bed cap.

So far this half term holiday, one decorated bedroom, one holiday (3 days in Wales) and one new sculpt. 

I have also got into Miniatura for September so I am going to start making stock the weekend.

No rush then.


Debie xxxxxxxx